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A remarkable new production facility and film studio featuring standing sets along with 17,000 acres of breathtaking open space on the Pueblo.

Camel Rock Studios has more than 100 acres of undeveloped land of varying scenic aspects, dedicated in its backlot. The backlot features an earthen 130,000 gallon water tank with a 7,500 square foot water surface area, constructed for a prior production. The tank bottom is gently sloped to a 10-foot depth to allow easy filming of lake and river scenes, the only such tank in New Mexico. The tank is situated in a scenic New Mexico setting with 270-degree sight-lines.


Clients of Camel Rock Studios have access to additional shooting locations beyond our backlot throughout the 17,471-acre Tesuque Pueblo. Some of the locations have been utilized in past film productions hosted at the Pueblo. Some of the shooting locations include: 


Riparian and wash areas along the Rio Tesuque watershed.


Savannah grasslands and flanking sandstone bluffs within a scenic 386-acre box canyon.


High-altitude agriculture fields of Tesuque Pueblo, and the Pueblo’s seed bank.


Tesuque Casino, recently completed in late 2018, a modern Native American gaming facility.


The Tesuque mobile home community.


Valero Travel Center, a typical highway c-store fuel station, with scenic views of New Mexico foothills, bluffs, the Santa Fe National Forest, and the Sangre de Cristo mountains.


San Diego Church, situated within the Pueblo’s traditional plaza.


Tribal Administration Building, as well as the Pueblo’s Intergenerational Center with gym, recreational facilities, and meeting rooms.


Aspen Ranch at 157 acres and the Vigil Grant at 148 acres, situated amongst ponderosa and mixed conifer forests high in the Santa Fe National Forest.



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